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The Salon Essaouira SPA Zen & Nature is a beauty center that welcomes you for all cuts with the expertise of a warm staff. The lounge is accessible to all budgets.
In any case, changing your hair color is like changing your look.
We will give you advice, taking into account your current color, your hair type and your desires.

Brushing from
80 MAD
Chopped hair from
200 MAD
Hair coloring from
250 MAD
Zen and natural hair treatment from
200 MAD

For the beholder, the hairstyle and the face must form a harmonious whole. But not all hairstyles suit every face. There are five face shapes: oval, round, heart, square and long face. To know which hairstyle goes with your type, you must first determine what your face shape is. Do you already know her? Great! So, we have some awesome hairstyles for you that will look perfect on you.
But the success of cuts and styles also depends on the characteristics of your hair: fine hair needs volume and styles that don’t make it look even more tapered. Naturally, your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to devote to your hairstyle play an important role in choosing your ideal look.

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