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Nail polish: Zen & beauty treatments Nature

At SPA Essaouira Zen & Nature a beauty salon will be at your disposal to offer you beauty treatments.
Enter a world of physical and mental well-being. You immerse yourself in deliciously clear water, in an enveloping and beneficial softness.
For absolute comfort, for a perfect feeling. Your body relaxes, relaxes. Your mind is free. You discover total relaxation at the Essaouira Zen & Nature.
Facial treatment with a Nature beauty treatment
Ideal for dry, sensitive or reactive skin, this ultra soothing treatment will bring comfort and radiance to your skin, this treatment will give you elasticity to your skin or makeup.

Nail polish
50 MAD

Permanent varnish
200 MAD

Varnish with capsule
400 MAD

Hands or feet care
80 MAD

File your nails well: It is very important to file your nails well before starting to apply semi-permanent varnish. A nail that begins to break or split would cause the pose to skip quickly.
Push your cuticles: When preparing the nails, push your cuticles to apply the varnish as close as possible to the base (without touching the cuticles).
Thus, when your nail grows, we will see the demarcation line less quickly!
Do not sand the nail: Before applying the varnish, we will quickly pass a small stroke of white block on the nail to eliminate the irregularities of the nail and to roughen it slightly. BUT it should NOT be sanded! You will only risk damaging and weakening your nail.

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